Vladislav Kolesnichenko


Backend web & application developer


Web development Backend PHP Composer Laravel NGINX Apache Redis MySQL Application development Python Pip Conda C C++ C# LiteDB SQLite OpenCV Git JSON XML REST

About me

For more than 5 years I'm working in the IT, spending the most time in the backend development of small and middle web-applications (using both pure PHP and Laravel Framework), modification of existent solutions from self-written websites to some open-source CMS and framework-based web-applications.

Often I develop utilities for different kinds of automation (Python), primarily, for data processing and working with the Internet.

I have basic skills in C / C ++ / C#. It's just for fun. There was a time when I've been making software for PC and even firmware for AVR microcontrollers.

I'm able to set up the LAMP / LEMP stack (I prefer NGINX for current tasks) and I have basic administration skills for Linux server OS.

I also have a GitHub profile.

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